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Policy Board

The Policy Board is established as the Bank's highest decision-making body. The Board determines the guideline for currency and monetary control, sets the basic principles for carrying out the Bank's operations, and oversees the fulfillment of the duties of the Bank's officers, excluding Auditors and Counsellors.

The Bank's officers are Policy Board members (including the Governor and the Deputy Governors), Auditors, Executive Directors, and Counsellors.*1

*1The number of posts given to the Bank's officers is as follows: the Governor (one), the Deputy Governors (two), the Members of the Policy Board (six), the Auditors (three or fewer), the Executive Directors (six or fewer), and the Counsellors (a few).

Members of the Policy Board

Haruhiko KurodaGovernor
Haruhiko Kuroda
Kikuo IwataDeputy Governor
Kikuo Iwata
Hiroshi NakasoDeputy Governor
Hiroshi Nakaso
Takehiro SatoMember of the Policy Board
Takehiro Sato
Takahide KiuchiMember of the Policy Board
Takahide Kiuchi
Yutaka HaradaMember of the Policy Board
Yutaka Harada
Yukitoshi FunoMember of the Policy Board
Yukitoshi Funo
Makoto SakuraiMember of the Policy Board
Makoto Sakurai
Takako MasaiMember of the Policy Board
Takako Masai

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