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QuestionDoes the Bank conduct in-house tours?


The Bank's Head Office (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and 32 branches across Japan are open for in-house tours.

At the Head Office, with reservations made in advance, visitors can take a guided in-house tour, which includes a walk outside to see the exterior of the Main Building -- registered as an Important Cultural Property -- as well as visits to parts of the Old Building -- completed in 1938 -- and the banking floor of the New Building's first floor (from October 2017, visits to the following areas are excluded from the tour due to reinforcement work to enhance the seismic safety of the Main Building: the underground vault, the interior of the Main Building, the courtyard, the Historic Exhibition Room, and the former banking floor). English-language guided tours are available on Tuesdays.

The Bank's other facilities that are open to the public are the Currency Museum (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and the Otaru Museum (the Bank's former Otaru Branch, located in Otaru City, Hokkaido).

For tour schedules and registration, including at branches, see the related links. Please be aware that a reservation is required in order to participate in the in-house tours. At the Head Office, short tours on the day (guided tours of the exterior of the Main Building, conducted only in Japanese) are also offered for up to 20 people each day from Tuesday through Friday. See Tours of the Bank's Head Office for details.

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