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Introductory Video: The Bank of Japan in Our Daily Lives

Introductory Video

"The Bank of Japan in Our Daily Lives" explains the importance of ensuring people's confidence in using money, as well as the Bank of Japan's policies and business operations conducted with the aim of achieving this objective. "Professor Banknote" will give an easy-to-understand explanation that should lead to greater awareness of the Bank's presence in daily life (the video is intended for people of at least high school age, and was produced by the Bank in October 2013).

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The video is available on YouTube.

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Contents of the Video

I. Opening (1:51)


II. Ensuring People's Confidence in Using Money

A. The Supplying of Clean Banknotes (4:25)

Snapshot of the movie "The Supplying of Clean Banknotes"

This section explains the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of banknotes in circulation. It also provides an easy-to-understand explanation of the steps and initiatives taken by the Bank to prevent counterfeiting.

B. Stabilizing the Value of Money (5:42)

Snapshot of the movie "Stabilizing the Value of Money"

This section explains the importance of stabilizing the value of money -- namely, achieving "price stability" -- by using a number of everyday examples. It also describes the monetary policy the Bank conducts in order to achieve "price stability."

C. Financial System Stability (5:02)

Snapshot of the movie "Financial System Stability "

This section explains the importance of ensuring financial system stability -- that is, a situation in which people can make everyday transactions of money, such as bank transfers, safely and smoothly. It also explains the Bank's initiatives to ensure financial system stability.

III. Message from the Governor (1:24)


A message from Governor Haruhiko Kuroda

DVD Rental Service

The Public Relations Department offers an introductory video explaining the policies and business operations that the Bank conducts to ensure people's confidence in using money.
Rental copies of this 18-minute DVD are available upon request in both Japanese (entitled "Kurashi to Tsunagaru Nippon Ginko") and English ("The Bank of Japan in Our Daily Lives"). This rental service is only available in Japan.


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