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Speeches and Statements

Summaries of speeches and public statements made by the Bank's officers.


Latest Speeches

Date Speaker Title
Sep. 29, 2014Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor"The Role of Foreign Financial Institutions in Japan's Financial System" (Speech at a Meeting Held by the International Bankers Association of Japan) 
Sep. 16, 2014Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor"Japan's Economy and Monetary Policy" (Speech at a Meeting with Business Leaders in Osaka) 
Sep. 12, 2014Haruhiko Kuroda, GovernorCommencement Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies 

Scheduled Dates of Upcoming Speeches

Date Speaker Event
Oct. 17, 2014 Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor At the annual meeting of credit cooperatives held in Tokyo

Note:The English text of some speeches may be available. Please check the "Release Schedule" for the date of release of the English version of the speeches.

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