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Speeches and Statements

Summaries of speeches and public statements made by the Bank's officers.


Latest Speeches

Date Speaker Title
Jul. 24, 2014Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor"Asia's Contribution to the Global Economy: Prospects and Challenges for the Transition to Domestic Demand-Led Growth" (Speech at the 4th Bank of Thailand Policy Forum Held in Bangkok, Thailand) 
Jul. 23, 2014Sayuri Shirai, Member of the Policy Board"Recent Monetary Policy Trends in Advanced Economies and the Asia-Pacific Region" (Keynote Address at the National Asset-Liability Management Conference Held in Singapore) 
Jul. 23, 2014Hiroshi Nakaso, Deputy Governor"Japan's Economy and Monetary Policy" (Speech at a Meeting with Business Leaders in Shizuoka) 

Scheduled Dates of Upcoming Speeches

Date Speaker Event
Jul. 29, 2014 Koji Ishida, Member of the Policy Board At a meeting with business leaders in Yamaguchi
Jul. 31, 2014 Takahide Kiuchi, Member of the Policy Board At a meeting with business leaders in Hyogo
Aug.  1, 2014 Haruhiko Kuroda, Governor At a meeting held by the Naigai Josei Chousa Kai (Research Institute of Japan) in Tokyo

Note:The English text of some speeches may be available. Please check the "Release Schedule" for the date of release of the English version of the speeches.

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