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International Meetings

Central banks, governments, and international organizations have been taking various initiatives in order to support further enhancement of international financial markets and to prevent the occurrence and spread of a global financial crisis. As part of this effort, the Bank has been participating in various international conferences and meetings in order to maintain a continual flow of information, and to keep close contact with and offer its opinion to foreign governments, central banks, international organizations, and private financial institutions.

EMEAP (Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks)

Date Title
Jul.  7, 2006Release of the "Review of the Asian Bond Fund 2 Initiative" by the EMEAP Working Group on Financial Markets 
Dec. 16, 2004Subscription to the Asian Bond Fund 2 
Jun.  2, 2003Subscription of the Asian Bond Fund 
Jul. 17, 2002Payment Systems in EMEAP Economies 
Jul.  7, 2000Press Statement of the Fifth EMEAP Governors' Meeting in Seoul, on 7 July, 2000 
Jul.  9, 1999Press Statement of the Fourth EMEAP Governors' Meeting in Hong Kong, on July 9, 1999 
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