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Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices

The Bank decides the text of the Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices (Outlook Report) at the Monetary Policy Meetings (MPMs) and releases it quarterly (usually in January, April, July, and October) note 1. The Outlook Report presents the Bank's outlook for developments in economic activity and prices, assesses upside and downside risks, and outlines its views on the future course of monetary policy.

1.The Outlook Report may be released at the beginning of the months following those listed above depending on schedule adjustments.
2.Through 2015, at the April and October MPMs, the Bank decided the text of the Outlook Report and released the report semiannually. At the January and July MPMs, the Bank made interim assessments of the outlook laid out in the latest Outlook Report based on the developments in economic activity and prices after the release of the report. Each interim assessment is included in the statement on monetary policy released after the relevant MPM.
3.The Outlook Report was formerly "Outlook and Risk Assessment of the Economy and Prices."

Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices

Date Title
Nov.  2, 2016October 2016 (full text)  [PDF 2,537KB]
Nov.  1, 2016October 2016 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 229KB]
Jul. 30, 2016July 2016 (full text)  [PDF 2,535KB]
Jul. 29, 2016July 2016 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 246KB]
Apr. 29, 2016April 2016 (full text)  [PDF 2,502KB]
Apr. 28, 2016April 2016 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 262KB]
Jan. 30, 2016January 2016 (full text)  [PDF 2,478KB]
Jan. 29, 2016January 2016 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 264KB]
Oct. 31, 2015October 2015 (full text)  [PDF 1,393KB]
Oct. 30, 2015October 2015 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 162KB]
May   1, 2015April 2015 (full text)  [PDF 1,370KB]
Apr. 30, 2015April 2015 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 96KB]
Nov.  1, 2014October 2014 (full text)  [PDF 1,148KB]
Oct. 31, 2014October 2014 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 92KB]
May   1, 2014April 2014 (full text)  [PDF 1,149KB]
Apr. 30, 2014April 2014 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 90KB]
Nov.  1, 2013October 2013 (full text)  [PDF 1,008KB]
Oct. 31, 2013October 2013 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 68KB]
Apr. 27, 2013April 2013 (full text)  [PDF 980KB]
Apr. 26, 2013April 2013 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 63KB]
Oct. 31, 2012October 2012 (full text)  [PDF 1,525KB]
Oct. 30, 2012October 2012 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 171KB]
Apr. 28, 2012April 2012 (full text)  [PDF 5,960KB]
Apr. 27, 2012April 2012 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 69KB]
Oct. 28, 2011October 2011 (full text)  [PDF 2,843KB]
Oct. 27, 2011October 2011 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 84KB]
Apr. 29, 2011April 2011 (full text)  [PDF 1,886KB]
Apr. 28, 2011April 2011 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 77KB]
Oct. 29, 2010October 2010 (full text)  [PDF 1,159KB]
Oct. 28, 2010October 2010 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 164KB]
May   1, 2010April 2010 (full text)  [PDF 1,236KB]
Apr. 30, 2010April 2010 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 146KB]
Nov.  2, 2009October 2009 (full text)  [PDF 1,154KB]
Oct. 30, 2009October 2009 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 49KB]
May   1, 2009April 2009 (full text)  [PDF 1,001KB]
Apr. 30, 2009April 2009 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 136KB]
Nov.  4, 2008October 2008 (full text)  [PDF 871KB]
Oct. 31, 2008October 2008 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 121KB]
May   1, 2008April 2008 (full text)  [PDF 939KB]
Apr. 30, 2008April 2008 (The Bank's View)  [PDF 75KB]
Date The Bank's View Full Text
Oct. 31, 2007October 2007  [PDF 797KB]
Apr. 27, 2007April 2007  [PDF 858KB]
Oct. 31, 2006October 2006  [PDF 780KB]
Apr. 28, 2006April 2006  [PDF 900KB]
Oct. 31, 2005October 2005  [PDF 613KB]
Apr. 28, 2005April 2005  [PDF 667KB]
Oct. 29, 2004October 2004  [PDF 454KB]
Apr. 28, 2004April 2004  [PDF 357KB]
Oct. 31, 2003October 2003  [PDF 222KB]
Apr. 30, 2003April 2003  [PDF 171KB]
Oct. 30, 2002October 2002  [PDF 54KB]
Apr. 30, 2002April 2002 
Oct. 29, 2001October 2001 
Apr. 26, 2001April 2001 
Oct. 31, 2000October 2000 

Notices of Changes and Corrections

Notices of Changes

Apr.  6, 2005Extension of the Projection Period in the Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices 
Oct. 13, 2000Release of Outlook and Risk Assessment of the Economy and Prices 

Notices of Corrections

Oct. 21, 2014Correction to a Reference Chart in the "Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices" (April 2014) 
Nov. 16, 2012Correction in "Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices" (October 2012) 
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