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List of Research Papers Related to Monetary Policy

Date Title
Nov. 11, 2016The Power of Unconventional Monetary Policy in a Liquidity Trap 
Nov.  7, 2016Supplementary Paper Series for the "Comprehensive Assessment" (3): Policy Effects since the Introduction of Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQE) -- Assessment Based on the Bank of Japan's Large-scale Macroeconomic Model (Q-JEM)-- 
Oct. 18, 2016Supplementary Paper Series for the "Comprehensive Assessment" (2): Developments in the Natural Rate of Interest in Japan 
Oct. 14, 2016Supplementary Paper Series for the "Comprehensive Assessment" (1): Developments in Inflation Expectations over the Three Years since the Introduction of Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQE) 
Sep. 30, 2016What Determines the Base Salary of Full-time/Part-time Workers? 
Aug. 10, 2016Determinants of Launch Spreads on EM USD-Denominated Corporate Bonds 
Aug.  1, 2016Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2015 
Jul. 29, 2016Firms' Inflation Expectations and Wage-setting Behaviors 
Apr. 15, 2016Corporate Profits and Business Fixed Investment: Why are Firms So Cautious about Investment? 
Mar.  2, 2016Long-term interest rates and bank loan supply: Evidence from firm-bank loan-level data 
Dec. 11, 2015Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing and Long-Term Interest Rates: The Effects through the Stock of "Net Supply" and Maturity Structure of Japanese Government Bonds 
Nov. 20, 2015Performance of Core Indicators of Japan's Consumer Price Index 
Nov. 20, 2015Core Inflation and the Business Cycle 
Sep. 30, 2015Household Inflation Expectations: The Term Structure and the Anchor Effects of Monetary Policy 
Jul. 30, 2015Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2014 
Jul. 30, 2015A new technique for estimating currency premiums 
Jul.  9, 2015Are Household Inflation Expectations Anchored in Japan? 
Jul.  9, 2015What do negative inflation risk premia tell us? 
Jun.  4, 2015The natural yield curve: its concept and measurement 
May   1, 2015Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing: Assessment of Its Effects in the Two Years since Its Introduction 
May   1, 2015The natural yield curve: its concept and developments in Japan 
May   1, 2015Has Trend Inflation Shifted?: An Empirical Analysis with a Regime-Switching Model 
Apr. 16, 2015Estimating inflation risk premia from nominal and real yield curves using a shadow-rate model 
Aug. 12, 2014Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2013 
Jun. 19, 2014Portfolio Rebalancing Following the Bank of Japan's Government Bond Purchases: A Fact Finding Analysis Using the Flow of Funds Accounts Statistics 
Jun. 19, 2014Portfolio Rebalancing Following the Bank of Japan's Government Bond Purchases: Empirical Analysis Using Data on Bank Loans and Investment Flows 
Apr. 11, 2014Confidence Erosion and Herding Behavior in Bond Markets: An Essay on Central Bank Communication Strategy 
Nov.  8, 2013Downward Rigidity in Households' Price Expectations: An Analysis Based on the Bank of Japan's 'Opinion Survey on the General Public's Views and Behavior' 
Sep. 20, 2013On the Reliability of Japanese Inflation Expectations Using Purchasing Power Parity 
Jun. 19, 2013Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2012 
May   8, 2013Estimating Term Premia at the Zero Bound: An Analysis of Japanese, US, and UK Yields 
May   2, 2013Identifying Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks: A Latent Threshold Approach 
Feb. 28, 2013Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics in Asset Price Bubbles 
Nov.  2, 2012Identification of Structural Shocks under the Zero Lower Bound on Nominal Interest Rates 
Jun. 11, 2012Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2011 
Feb. 27, 2012The Effects of Demographic Changes on the Real Interest Rate in Japan 
Aug. 10, 2011A Global Game Analysis of Emergent Liquidity Provision and the Role of Creditors' Aggregate Behavior as Signaling 
May  31, 2011Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2010 
May  27, 2011A Positive Theory of Fixed-Rate Funds-Supplying Operations in an Accommodative Financial Environment 
May  27, 2011What has caused the surge in global commodity prices and strengthened cross-market linkage? 
Mar. 30, 2011Changes in the Federal Reserve Communication Strategy: A Structural Investigation 
Sep.  1, 2010Fund-Provisioning Measure to Support Strengthening the Foundations for Economic Growth 
Jul. 30, 2010Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2009 
Aug. 31, 2009Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2008 
Mar. 27, 2009Central Bank Responses to the Money Market Turmoil Stemming from Subprime Woes: Review of the Initial Phase from August 2007 until July 2008 
Sep. 26, 2008Background to the High Level of Banknotes in Circulation and Demand Deposits 
Aug. 29, 2008Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2007 
Jul. 16, 2008Cross-currency transmission of money market tensions 
Dec. 28, 2007Stabilization in the Volatility of Output: A Decline in Cross-industry Comovements 
Aug. 29, 2007A Macro-Finance Analysis of the Term Structure and Monetary Policy in Japan: Using a Model with Time-Variant Equilibrium Rates of Real Interest and Inflation and with the Zero Lower Bound of Nominal Interest Rates 
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