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Treasury Funds Services

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Treasury Funds Services

The Bank accepts deposits (treasury funds) from the government as government deposits.

The Bank provides the following services: (1) receipt, disbursement, and accounting of treasury funds; (2) management of deposits of the government; and (3) custody of securities acquired by or submitted to the government. Treasury funds consist of revenues from the public, such as national taxes and social security premiums, and government expenditures, for example, payments such as public works expenditures and public pensions. Receipt and disbursement of treasury funds are recorded accurately by the Bank, classified by not only the specific government account but also the individual government agency. These figures are checked each month to ascertain whether they match those calculated by the relevant government agencies. The Bank acts as the custodian of securities acquired by or submitted (as collateral or deposits) to the government. The Bank receives, delivers, and keeps in custody such securities on behalf of the government.

For the convenience of the public and government agencies across the country, the Bank designates with the approval of the Minister of Finance, many branches and offices of financial institutions throughout the country as agents and entrusts them with the receipt and disbursement of treasury funds. With this scheme, most receipts and disbursements of treasury funds are conducted by these agents.

The Bank has been making advances toward achieving more streamlined online processing for treasury funds operations for the convenience of the public and to enhance efficiency in the operations of related institutions.

Electronic Operations regarding Treasury Funds

Date Title
Nov.  2, 2001A New Scheme for Electronic Payment of Government Taxes and Fees 
Mar. 29, 2000Toward More Digitized Treasury Funds Operations 

Treasury Funds Services

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