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Opinion Survey

The Bank has been conducting the Opinion Survey on the General Public's Views and Behavior since 1993 in order to make use of the results to improve its conduct of policies and business operations, by grasping how the public's current impression of household circumstances and changes in financial and economic conditions affect their perceptions and actions.


Results of the 27th Survey and Onward : Obtained via the Mail Survey Method
Results of the 16th-26th Surveys : Obtained via the "In-Home Survey Method"
(Notice) As a preliminary survey, the 26th Survey was conducted by both "in-home survey" and mail survey methods.

Date Title
Oct. 20, 201667th Survey  [PDF 440KB]
Jul. 20, 201666th Survey  [PDF 541KB]
Apr. 18, 201665th Survey  [PDF 411KB]
Jan. 18, 201664th Survey  [PDF 532KB]
Oct.  9, 201563rd Survey  [PDF 348KB]
Jul.  9, 201562nd Survey  [PDF 494KB]
Apr.  9, 201561st Survey  [PDF 374KB]
Jan. 16, 201560th Survey  [PDF 439KB]
Oct.  9, 201459th Survey  [PDF 309KB]
Jul. 10, 201458th Survey  [PDF 428KB]
May   9, 201457th Survey  [PDF 406KB]
Feb. 14, 201456th Survey  [PDF 417KB]
Nov.  8, 201355th Survey  [PDF 215KB]
Aug.  9, 201354th Survey  [PDF 343KB]
May  10, 201353rd Survey  [PDF 356KB]
Feb. 22, 201352nd Survey  [PDF 336KB]
Nov.  5, 201251st Survey  [PDF 217KB]
Aug.  3, 201250th Survey  [PDF 345KB]
May  11, 201249th Survey  [PDF 238KB]
Feb. 13, 201248th Survey  [PDF 338KB]
Oct. 31, 201147th Survey  [PDF 185KB]
Aug.  5, 201146th Survey  [PDF 190KB]
May  18, 201145th Survey  [PDF 407KB]
Feb. 14, 201144th Survey  [PDF 215KB]
Nov. 12, 201043rd Survey  [PDF 215KB]
Aug.  9, 201042nd Survey  [PDF 251KB]
May  18, 201041st Survey  [PDF 214KB]
Feb.  8, 201040th Survey  [PDF 175KB]
Nov. 11, 200939th Survey  [PDF 122KB]
Aug.  3, 200938th Survey  [PDF 123KB]
Apr. 20, 200937th Survey  [PDF 119KB]
Feb.  4, 200936th Survey  [PDF 124KB]
Oct. 27, 200835th Survey  [PDF 117KB]
Aug.  4, 200834th Survey  [PDF 123KB]
May   1, 200833rd Survey  [PDF 113KB]
Feb.  6, 200832nd Survey  [PDF 126KB]
Oct. 26, 200731st Survey  [PDF 114KB]
Aug. 15, 200730th Survey  [PDF 125KB]
Apr. 24, 200729th Survey  [PDF 123KB]
Feb.  8, 200728th Survey  [PDF 150KB]
Nov. 24, 200627th Survey  [PDF 180KB]
Aug. 29, 200626th Survey 
May  24, 200625th Survey 
Feb. 15, 200624th Survey 
Sep. 15, 200523rd Survey 
May  16, 200522nd Survey 
Feb.  3, 200521st survey 
Nov.  8, 200420th survey 
Aug. 31, 200419th survey 
May  31, 200418th survey 
Dec.  4, 200317th survey 
Oct.  8, 200316th survey 

Time-Series Data

(Notice) Time-series data are presented in both Japanese and English. Please note that the Japanese characters may not display properly depending on your computer software.

Results of the 27th Survey and Onward (Including the Preliminary 26th Survey) : Obtained via the Mail Survey Method

Date Detail Data
Oct. 13, 2016Economic Conditions and Household Circumstances (Including Income and Spending)  [CSV 27KB]
Oct. 13, 2016Price Levels, Future Land Prices, Growth Potential of the Japanese Economy, and Employment and Working Conditions  [CSV 18KB]

Notices of Changes and Corrections

Notices of Changes

Apr.  2, 2014Release of the Time-Series Data in English for the Opinion Survey on the General Public's Views and Behavior 

Notices of Corrections

Jan. 28, 2013Correction to the Figure in the "Results of the 50th Opinion Survey on the General Public's Views and Behavior" 
Apr. 26, 2007Correction to the Numbering of Charts in the "Results of the 29th Opinion Survey on the General Public's Views and Behavior" 
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