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Foreign Exchange Rates (Daily)

Since January 4, 2007, the Bank of Japan has been releasing the "Foreign Exchange Rates" on this website every business day. Figures are based on market participants' information and are subject to revisions and corrections.


Data for the past five business days will be released on this page. Please see "BOJ Time-Series Data Search" for long-term time-series data.

Date Data
Dec.  6, 2016Foreign Exchange Rates (Dec. 6)  [PDF 75KB]
Dec.  5, 2016Foreign Exchange Rates (Dec. 5)  [PDF 75KB]
Dec.  2, 2016Foreign Exchange Rates (Dec. 2)  [PDF 75KB]
Dec.  1, 2016Foreign Exchange Rates (Dec. 1)  [PDF 75KB]
Nov. 30, 2016Foreign Exchange Rates (Nov. 30)  [PDF 75KB]

Long-Term Time-Series Data

Notices of Changes and Corrections

Notices of Changes

Feb. 24, 2010Notice of changes in the statistics of the foreign exchange market  [PDF 15KB]

Notices of Corrections

Nov.  7, 2016Correction to Data on "Turnover of Swap (US Dollar/Yen)" 
Oct. 27, 2016Correction to Data on "Turnover of Spot (US Dollar/Yen, Euro/US Dollar)" 
Jul. 21, 2016Correction to Data on "Turnover of Swap (Euro/US Dollar)" 
Apr.  9, 2014Correction to Data on "Turnover of Spot (US Dollar/Yen, Euro/US Dollar)" 
Mar. 26, 2014Correction to Data on "Turnover of Spot (Euro/US Dollar)" 
Jan. 14, 2014Correction to Data on "Turnover of Swap (US Dollar/Yen, Euro/US Dollar)" 
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