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How to Download Long-Term Time-Series Data Files


Information about Long-Term Time-Series Data Files

(1) Type of File

Comma-delimited text files or tab-delimited text files.

(2) Language

The Japanese text in most data files is followed by an English translation. 1 For some data, English and Japanese files have been created separately.

(3) Time Span of the Data

The data have various start dates; some go back about 30 years.

(4) Others

Alphanumeric codes might appear in the first row of some files. These codes are used for internal control purposes only and have nothing to do with contents.

Note1: The first few rows of text will be garbled unless your computer has been configured to handle Japanese characters. Kindly ignore the garbled characters and scroll down to the English text.

The Best Way to View Data

Data could be incorrectly aligned if opening files with a Web browser. If this occurs, first download the files and then open them with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. 2

Note2: When using spreadsheet software, a dialog box asking you to identify the file type may appear onscreen. Please select"tab-delimited" for the file type and"text" for the first column on the left's data format (this column contains data dates)

How to download data

Single-click the right mouse button on a text file name, and a menu will appear. From this menu, select the command that will save the file (e.g."Save target as...") and then specify the directory into which you want to save the file (e.g.,C:\Temp\).

How to format date display

The data file's date display represents the year in integers and the month in decimals. Note that"October 2010" could potentially be indicated as"2010.1". If this occurs, please change your spreadsheet software format such that two digits are displayed to the right of the decimal point.


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