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Deputy Governor : Mr. AMAMIYA Masayoshi

Picture of Deputy Governor : Mr. AMAMIYA Masayoshi

Date and Place of Birth
September 30, 1955, Tokyo

1979, B.A. in Economics, The University of Tokyo

Present Term of Office
from March 20, 2018 to March 19, 2023


  • Apr. 1979Joined the Bank of Japan
  • Apr. 1998Director, Head of Planning Division II,
    Policy Planning Office
  • July 1998Director, Head of Money and Capital Markets Division,
    Financial Markets Department
  • May 1999Director, Head of Planning Division I,
    Policy Planning Office
  • Apr. 2001Associate Director-General, Policy Planning Office
  • June 2002Associate Director-General, Bank Examination and Surveillance Department
  • July 2004Deputy Director-General, Secretariat of the Policy Board
  • Apr. 2006Director-General, Monetary Affairs Department
  • June 2010Executive Director
  • May 2012Executive Director and General Manager, Osaka Branch
  • Mar. 2013Executive Director
  • June 2014Reappointed
  • Mar. 20, 2018Present position