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Governor [The 31st] : Mr. KURODA Haruhiko

Picture of Governor : Mr. KURODA Haruhiko

Date and Place of Birth
October 25, 1944, Fukuoka

1967, B.A. in Law, The University of Tokyo
1971, M.Phil. in Economics, University of Oxford

Present Term of Office
from April 9, 2018 to April 8, 2023


  • Apr. 1967Joined Japan's Ministry of Finance
  • July 1987Director, International Organizations Division, International Finance Bureau
  • Dec. 1988Secretary to the Minister of Finance
  • Aug. 1989Director, International Tax Affairs Division, Tax Bureau
  • July 1990Director, Income Tax and Property Tax Policy Division, Tax Bureau
  • June 1991Director, Co-ordination Division, Tax Bureau
  • July 1993Regional Commissioner, Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau
  • July 1994Deputy Director-General, International Finance Bureau
  • July 1996President, Institute of Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • July 1997Director-General, International Finance Bureau
  • June 1998Director-General, International Bureau
  • July 1999Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs
  • Mar. 2003Special Advisor to the Cabinet and Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Hitotsubashi University (July 2003-January 2005)
  • Feb. 2005President of the Asian Development Bank
  • Mar. 2013Present position
  • Apr. 2013Reappointed
  • Apr. 9, 2018Reappointed