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On-Site Examination and Off-Site Monitoring

The Bank carries out on-site examination by visiting the premises of financial institutions based on the contracts with them, in order to grasp their business operations and the state of the property. The Bank contributes to the stability of the financial system by examining financial institutions' risk management processes as well as reaching an informed judgment on their business activities and financial conditions, and, when necessary, urging improvement, through on-site examinations.

Agreement regarding On-Site Examinations and Inquiries

On-Site Examination Policy

The Bank formulates and releases an on-site examination policy every fiscal year based on the decision of the Policy Board. The document outlines the basic approach and key issues in the conduct of on-site examinations.

Table : On-Site Examination Policy
Date Title
Mar. 29, 2022 On-Site Examination Policy for Fiscal 2022 [PDF 564KB]
Mar. 30, 2021 On-Site Examination Policy for Fiscal 2021 [PDF 663KB]

Related Releases

Table : Related Releases
Date Title
Jun.  7, 2021 Meeting of the Financial Monitoring Council [PDF 363KB]
Feb.  8, 2006 Implementation of XBRL for financial data reporting 
Jun. 19, 2002 The Bank's Closer Monitoring of Mizuho Financial Group