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Welcome to the Bank of Japan's website.

The following is a practical guide to using the site.

If you are a first-time user, please read the Copyright, Disclaimer, and Other Related Matters and Privacy Policy along with this guide.

How to Find the Information You Need

We have four navigation systems to help you find the information you are looking for . They appear on every page of the site.

(1) Global navigation

You can find the global navigation bar at the top of the page, sorted by the Bank's policies and operations. Click to proceed to the main categories of the relevant section.

For tablets and smartphones, click MENU on the top right corner to proceed.

(2) Sub-navigation

Once you have selected a category from the drop-down list of the global navigation bar, you will find a sub-navigation bar at the right-hand side of the page (for tablets and smartphones, scroll toward the bottom of the page) with indexes showing items located under the category you selected.

(3) Breadcrumb navigation

You can find the breadcrumbs above the page title to find out where you are. For example, the breadcrumbs of Home > Help appears above the title of this "Help" page.

Click the breadcrumb to proceed to the relevant page.

(4) Search

Type in one or more keywords and click Search. For more details, see Search.

It is recommended that you use a browser supported by the operating system of the device being used.

Types of Files and How to Open Them

We provide information in various types of file formats, such as the following.

Click the icon or file name to open files.

Table : Type of file (extension) and how to open it
Icon Type of file (extension) and how to open it
PDF file icon PDF (Portable Document Format) files (.pdf)
WORD file icon MS-Word files (.doc or .docx)
EXCEL file icon MS-Excel files (.xls or .xlsx)
compressed file icon Zip-compressed MS-Word or MS-Excel files (.zip or .lzh)
Use software to decompress and/or to open files downloaded in the device being used.
CSV file icon CSV (comma separated value) files (.csv)
Use spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel to open files.
Text file icon Text files (.txt)

Other Matters

Please note that content on the site may be deleted without prior notice. The Bank also reserves the right to change content on the site.


If you have any technical inquiries about the site, please contact the following address.

E-mail : prd.hp-mds@boj.or.jp