Monetary Policy

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Outline of Monetary Policy

The Bank's monetary policy.

Monetary Policy Meetings

Meeting calendars, policy statements, minutes of the meetings, and the Outlook Report.

Monetary Policy Releases

Policy decisions by date.

Monetary Policy Measures

The Bank's monetary policy measures, such as operations, lending facilities, and eligible collateral.

Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices

The Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices (the Outlook Report) examines developments in economic activity and prices and outlines the Bank's views on the future conduct of monetary policy.

Monthly Report of Recent Economic and Financial Developments

The Monthly Report explains recent economic and financial developments upon which the Bank bases its monetary policy decisions.

Reports to the Diet

The Bank's reports to the Diet concerning economic and financial developments and the conduct of monetary policy.

Research Papers and Reports Related to Monetary Policy
Speeches and Statements Related to Monetary Policy