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Bank of Japan Review Series 2004

Table : Bank of Japan Review Series 2004
No. Date Title Full Text
04-E-4 Dec.  3, 2004 Changing Investor Structure of Japanese Corporate Bond Market under Zero Interest Rate Environment  [PDF 56KB]
04-E-3 Oct. 28, 2004 Background to the Recent Decline in the Growth Rate of Banknotes in Circulation  [PDF 150KB]
04-E-2 Oct. 15, 2004 New Forms of Employment in Japan --On the Increasing Influence of Part-time, Dispatched, and Contracted Workers--  [PDF 342KB]
04-E-1 Jul. 29, 2004 Why Are Exports to East Asia Growing So Rapidly? -A Structural VAR Approach in Search of Non-China Factors-  [PDF 486KB]

Note: On April 26, 2004, the Bank integrated into the "Bank of Japan Review Series" the "Market Review E-series" and the "Economic Commentary" that had been released separately by the Financial Markets Department and the Research and Statistics Department, respectively. For releases before the introduction of the "Bank of Japan Review Series", please go to "Market Review E-Series" and "Economic Commentary" under the list by previous categories.