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Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2004

Table : Bank of Japan Working Paper Series 2004
No. Date Title Full Text
04-E-15 Nov. 26, 2004 Listing Change and Stock Price: Impact of Shareholder Diversification and Changes in Liquidity  [PDF 303KB]
04-E-16 Nov. 26, 2004 Dynamic Capital Structure of Japanese Firms: How Far Has the Reduction of Excess Leverage Progressed in Japan?   [PDF 193KB]
04-E-14 Nov. 10, 2004 Treatment of Indirectly Owned Enterprises in Direct Investment   [PDF 112KB]
04-E-13 Sep. 27, 2004 Reviewing US Monetary Policy in Disinflation Era: A Primer   [PDF 581KB]
04-E-12 Sep.  7, 2004 Evolution of Output Multipliers: An Analysis with a Particular Emphasis on Asia   [PDF 112KB]
04-E-11 Aug. 17, 2004 Why Can the Yield Curve Predict Output Growth, Inflation, and Interest Rates? An Analysis with an Affine Term Structure Model  [PDF 429KB]
04-E-7 Jul. 27, 2004 Credit Risk Taking by Japanese Investors: Is Skewness Risk Priced in Japanese Corporate Bond Market?   [PDF 158KB]
04-E-8 Jul. 27, 2004 Negative Interest Rates under the Quantitative Monetary Easing Policy in Japan: The Mechanism of Negative Yen Funding Costs in the FX Swap Market   [PDF 489KB]
04-E-10 Jul.  8, 2004 Optimal Monetary Policy Rule under the Non-Negativity Constraint on Nominal Interest Rates  [PDF 88KB]
04-E-9 Jul.  6, 2004 Equilibrium Land Prices of Japanese Prefectures: A Panel Cointegration Analysis   [PDF 271KB]
04-E-6 Jun.  9, 2004 Demographic Changes in Japan and their Macroeconomic Effects   [PDF 1,173KB]
04-E-5 Apr.  7, 2004 Recent Characteristics of Royalties and License Fees in Japan's Balance of Payments  [PDF 170KB]
04-E-4 Apr.  6, 2004 Fractal Network derived from banking transaction --An analysis of network structures formed by financial institutions--  [PDF 422KB]
04-E-3 Mar. 30, 2004 The Japanese Economic Model: JEM  [PDF 744KB]
04-E-2 Mar. 10, 2004 Land Investment by Japanese Firms during and after the Bubble Period   [PDF 312KB]
04-E-1 Feb. 18, 2004 Purchase of SME-related ABS by the Bank of Japan (Updated): Monetary Policy and SME financing in Japan  [PDF 180KB]