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Bank of Japan Accounts (January 10, 2008)

January 15, 2008
Bank of Japan

Assets(thousand yen)
Gold 441,253,409
Cash 1 134,710,033
Receivables under resale agreements 2,511,713,665
Japanese government securities *1 70,860,469,305
Pecuniary trusts (stocks held as trust property) 2 1,514,395,492
Loans (excluding those to the Deposit Insurance Corporation) *2 25,416,700,000
Foreign currency assets 3 5,361,999,312
Deposits with agents 4 20,942,455
Others 610,733,522
Total 106,872,917,197
Liabilities and Capital Accounts(thousand yen)
Banknotes 77,891,980,129
Current deposits 6,615,027,061
Other deposits 5 21,791,136
Deposits of the government 5,772,107,335
Payables under repurchase agreements 10,051,653,210
Others 6 712,976,766
Provisions 3,224,356,014
Capital 100,000
Legal and special reserves 2,582,925,543
Total 106,872,917,197
  1. *1Breakdown of Japanese government securities
    Japanese government bonds : 48,153,176,373
    Financing bills and treasury bills : 22,707,292,932
  2. *2Loans by Funds-Supplying Operations against Pooled Collateral : 25,416,700,000


  1. Coins reserved for circulation.
  2. Stocks purchased from financial institutions through a trust bank, and other trust properties.
  3. Includes foreign currency deposits held at foreign central banks and the Bank for International Settlements, securities issued by foreign governments, foreign currency mutual funds, and foreign currency pecuniary trusts.
  4. Deposits held at agents that conduct operations relating to treasury funds and Japanese government securities on behalf of the Bank of Japan. These deposits are reserved for such operations.
  5. Deposits held by foreign central banks and others.
  6. Includes miscellaneous liabilities and current income (net accumulated profits). For reports from April to around mid-May, net income for the previous fiscal year before appropriation is also included.