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List of Reports & Research Papers 1998

Dec. 22, 1998The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment from Japan and the United States to East Asian Countries, and the Linkage between FDI and Trade
Dec.  3, 1998Profits and Balance-Sheet Developments of Japanese Banks in Fiscal 1997
Dec.  1, 1998Banks Recapitalization Policies in Japan and their Impact on the Market ---A study of the impact of emergency measures in the latter half of FY 1997 on stock prices
Dec.  1, 1998The Productivity Paradox and Mismeasurement of Economic Activity
Dec.  1, 1998The Japanese Economy in a World of Knowledge-Based Growth
Dec.  1, 1998Wage and Job Trends in the U.S. Labor Market: An Assessment
Dec.  1, 1998Effects of the Developments of Knowledge-based Economy on Asset Price Movements: Theory and Evidence in the Japanese Stock Market
Dec.  1, 1998Impact of Information Technology and Implications for Monetary Policy
Dec.  1, 1998How Can We Extract a Fundamental Trend from an Economic Time-Series?
Dec.  1, 1998Recent Trends in the Spread over Libor on the Domestic Straight Bond Trading Market in Japan
Dec.  1, 1998Monetary Policy and the Quality of Information
Dec.  1, 1998Information Technology and Monetary Policy
Nov.  1, 1998Dynamic Allocation and Pricing in Incomplete Markets: A Survey
Nov.  1, 1998Chemical Study of the Medieval Japanese Mochu-sen (Bronze Coins)
Oct.  1, 1998Risk Management for Equity Portfolios of Japanese Banks
Oct.  1, 1998Market Price Analysis and Risk Management for Convertible Bonds
Oct.  1, 1998Estimating Fair Premium Rates for Deposit Insurance Using Option Pricing Theory
--An Empirical Study on Japanese Banks--
Sep.  1, 1998Extracting Market Expectations from Option Prices: Case Studies in Japanese Option Markets
Aug. 31, 1998Release of a Reference Wholesale Price Index Using a Geometric Mean Formula
Aug.  1, 1998On Financial Time Series Decompositions with Applications to Volatility
Aug.  1, 1998Impact of Information Technology And Implications for Monetary Policy (Background Paper for the Eighth International Conference)
Jul. 28, 1998A Case for Reforming the JGB Market
Jul. 14, 1998Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in Japan: Is Price Stability Costly?
Jul. 14, 1998Financial Liberalization, the Wealth Effect, and the Demand for Broad Money in Japan
Jul. 14, 1998Searching for the Long-Run Relations between Monetary Aggregates and Other Macroeconomic Variables in Japan: A Vector Error Correction Approach
Jul. 14, 1998The Yield Spread as a Predictor of Japanese Recessions
Jul. 14, 1998A Local Model of Asian Economies
Jun.  1, 1998How can we extract a fundamental trend from an economic time series?
May   1, 1998Interest Rate Risk of Banking Accounts: Measurement Using the VaR Framework
May   1, 1998Financial Liberalization, the Wealth Effect, and the Demand for Broad Money in Japan
May   1, 1998Nonstationary Time-Series Modeling versus Structural Equation Modeling: With an Application to Japanese Money Demand
Apr.  1, 1998Fair Value Accounting and Regulatory Capital Requirements
Apr.  1, 1998Designing Incentive Compatible Regurlation in Banking --Role of Penalty in the Precommitment Approach
Mar.  1, 1998Generational Accouting in Japan
Mar.  1, 1998Generational Accounting Around the World
Feb. 27, 1998Utilization of Financial Institutions' Self-Assessment in Enhancing Credit Risk Management
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