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Financial System Report

Starting with the October 2011 issue, the Financial System Report has been renewed by integrating the two semiannual reports -- the Financial System Report and the Financial Markets Report.

List of Financial System Report

Date Title
Oct. 24, 2016Financial System Report (October 2016) 
Apr. 22, 2016Financial System Report (April 2016) 
Oct. 23, 2015Financial System Report (October 2015) 
Apr. 22, 2015Financial System Report (April 2015) 
Oct. 17, 2014Financial System Report (October 2014) 
Apr. 23, 2014Financial System Report (April 2014) 
Oct. 23, 2013Financial System Report (October 2013) 
Apr. 17, 2013Financial System Report (April 2013) 
Oct. 19, 2012Financial System Report (October 2012) 
Apr. 19, 2012Financial System Report (April 2012) 
Oct. 18, 2011Financial System Report (October 2011) 
Sep. 28, 2010Financial System Report (September 2010) 
Mar. 25, 2010Financial System Report (March 2010) 
Sep. 15, 2009Financial System Report (September 2009) 
Mar. 17, 2009Financial System Report (March 2009) 
Sep. 30, 2008Financial System Report (September 2008) 
Mar. 12, 2008Financial System Report (March 2008) 
Sep. 11, 2007Financial System Report (September 2007) 
Mar. 13, 2007Financial System Report (March 2007)  [PDF 568KB]
Jul. 20, 2006Financial System Report (2006)  [PDF 730KB]
Apr. 26, 2006An Assessment of Financial System Stability --Focusing on the Banking Sector-- (Simplified Chinese version) 
Aug. 10, 2005Measures Taken by the Bank of Japan for Financial System Stability 
Aug. 10, 2005An Assessment of Financial System Stability --Focusing on the Banking Sector-- 

List of Financial System Report (Financial System Report Annex Series)

Date Title
Oct. 26, 2016Macro Stress Testing in the Financial System Report (October 2016) 
Sep. 26, 2016Financial Results of Japan's Banks for Fiscal 2015 
Apr. 22, 2016Designing Scenarios for Macro Stress Testing (Financial System Report, April 2016) 
Oct. 26, 2015Designing Scenarios in Macro Stress Testing at the Bank of Japan 

Notices of Changes and Corrections

Notices of Changes

Jul.  1, 2011Release of the Renewed Financial System Report 
Mar. 30, 2011Suspension of Publication of the March 2011 Financial System Report 
Mar. 13, 2007Change in the Release Schedule of "Financial System Report" 
Aug. 10, 2005Release of the "Financial System Report" 

Notices of Corrections

Oct. 29, 2013Correction to a Chart in the October 2013 Issue of the Financial System Report 
Oct. 16, 2013Corrections to "Financial System Report" (April 2013) 
Oct. 18, 2010Correction to a chart in the March 2010 issue of the Financial System Report 
Oct.  1, 2009Correction to a chart in the "Financial System Report" (September 2009) 
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