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About the Site


The following applies to the contents of the Bank of Japan's web site (hereafter "the site"). Web sites linked to the site -- including the web sites of the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies of the Bank as well as the Central Council for Financial Services Information -- are therefore not subject to the following conditions.

Site Availability Notice

Users may experience difficulties viewing the site in the event of high traffic. In such circumstances, the Bank may take steps to continue the availability of the site.

The Bank uses TLS encryption and converts its web site to "HTTPS Only." The use of HTTPS by default is intended to guarantee user security and privacy.

For details, please refer to the following page:

Copyright, Disclaimer, and Other Related Matters

Links to the Site

No permission is needed to link to the site.

When creating a link, however:

  • specify clearly that the link is connected to the site;
  • avoid links that give users the impression that part or all of the site is (a) a part of the linked site and/or (b) a site that requires payment or membership; and
  • note that, with the exception of the URL address for the front page, URL addresses may be altered or erased without prior notification.

The address of the linked site should be sent to after linking to the site.

Any other inquiries concerning links should also be directed to the above address.

Privacy Policy


The Bank of Japan aims to ensure that the site is accessible to the widest possible audience, allowing the elderly and people with disabilities to use the information and services provided on the site without difficulty. The following are examples of features that ensure accessibility:

  • So that the web pages are easy to read, the color of the text contrasts adequately with the background color.
  • The display style of the web pages (headings, font size, style, color, layout, etc.) is standardized through the use of style sheets.
  • The same display style is used in all of the web pages, so that navigation remains consistent throughout the site.
  • Contents that contain various files such as PDF files provide the data size so that downloading time can be estimated.
  • Text transcripts, including subtitles and audio descriptions, are provided for time-based multimedia documents such as videos.

The Bank will continue to make every effort to further enhance the use of the site in accordance with standards such as the Japanese Industrial Standards.

Any comments, requests, or inquiries concerning accessibility should be forwarded to the Public Relations Department of the Bank of Japan (