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Exchange of Damaged Cash


Based on the criteria set out in law, the Bank of Japan exchanges (1) damaged cash for new cash, and (2) cash that is inconvenient for use, such as old series banknotes and commemorative coins, even if undamaged.

Place of Exchange:
The Bank's Head Office and branches.
Please note that the exchange service is not offered at the Bank's Computer Center (Fuchu City, Tokyo), Banknote Operations Center (Toda City, Saitama Prefecture), domestic offices, or overseas representative offices.
The Bank does not exchange cash sent by post mail or courier. Please visit the Head Office or branch in person.
Business Hours:
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. JST (except when the Bank is closed; for details, see the Holiday Schedule of the Bank).
When you plan to bring in damaged cash, please contact the Bank in advance regarding the date and time of your visit.
The Bank exchanges cash based on the criteria set out in law and it therefore takes time accordingly to complete the exchange procedure. Please note that, if you wish to bring in a large quantity of damaged cash, the Bank may request you to change the date and time of your visit since the quantity of cash to be exchanged per day is limited.