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Notes on Exchange of Damaged Cash after the Issuance of the New Series of Bank of Japan Notes


The Bank of Japan exchanges Bank of Japan notes that are not suitable for use due to contamination, damage, or other reasons.

The Bank does NOT:

  1. (1) provide money exchange services,
  2. (2) simply replace circulating banknotes with the new series of Bank of Japan notes,
  3. (3) pay out banknotes in order according to their serial number, or provide banknotes with a particular preferred serial number, including on the day the new series of Bank of Japan notes is first issued (July 3, 2024).

In cases where Bank of Japan notes and coins are deliberately contaminated or damaged, the Bank may not be able to exchange them, depending on the circumstances, and deliberate contamination or damage of notes and coins is punishable by law.

When you plan to bring in damaged cash, please make an appointment online or by contacting the Bank in advance. If you arrive without an appointment, the Bank may not be able to serve you on the date of your visit.

From July 3, 2024, the new series of Bank of Japan notes will be paid out from the Bank of Japan to financial institutions and they, in turn, will distribute the notes over their counters or through automated teller machines (ATMs). Financial institutions will begin to distribute the notes once they have completed the necessary preparations.

The current series of Bank of Japan notes will remain valid after the issuance of the new series, so you do not need to exchange any old notes you have from the current series for notes from the new series. Please be cautious of false information claiming that the "current series will become invalid" or of related fraudulent activities.