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The Bank's Organizational Principles


March 25, 2014
Bank of Japan

The Bank has decided and made public its organizational principles, which constitute the set of fundamental values to be respected by the Bank, as the central bank of Japan. The officers and employees of the Bank must respect these principles at all times in the conduct of business operations. The Bank will secure public confidence through the appropriate conduct of its policies and business operations in accordance with the organizational principles listed below.

The Bank's Organizational Principles

Public Interest

The Bank shall promote the public interest by fulfilling the core purposes stipulated in the Bank of Japan Act.


The Bank shall demonstrate proper accountability in its policies and business operations via its various external relationships.


The Bank shall pursue excellence in the provision of central banking services, responding appropriately to changes in the environment.


The Bank shall ensure integrity in the execution of duties by each officer and employee, requiring that they uphold high moral standards.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

The Bank shall make effective and efficient use of management resources in its conduct of business operations and organizational management.