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Bank of Japan Social Networking Site Management Policy


  1. The following prescribes the Bank of Japan's policy when managing its official social networking sites, namely, X (formerly Twitter) (Bank of Japan @Bank_of_Japan_e) and Facebook (Bank of Japan @BankofJapan.en ).
  2. The Bank's social networking sites provide the content listed below. The Bank may also use the sites as extra channels for communication, for example, in case of emergency.
    1. i. Content released on the Bank's website and related information (restricted to information owned by the Bank, including unreleased material).
    2. ii. Bank-related information posted by public institutions (e.g., government organizations and overseas central banks), including X (formerly Twitter) Reposts.
  3. The Bank takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information it posts on its social networking sites. However, the Bank assumes no responsibility for consequences arising in connection with the use of any of the content it posts.
  4. The Bank's social networking sites are for informational purposes only. In principle, the Bank will not respond to any feedback received through these sites. Comments and inquiries should be addressed to the Public Relations Department of the Bank by e-mail at: prdmail(at) *Please change (at) to @.
  5. All the content posted by the Bank on its social networking sites, including text, photos, and illustrations, is subject to copyright owned by the Bank and protected by the Copyright Act and international treaties.
    When copying or reproducing content copyrighted and posted by the Bank on its social networking sites, the source -- the Bank of Japan -- should be explicitly credited. Please contact the Public Relations Department of the Bank in advance at prdmail(at) (*please change (at) to @) to request permission in any of the following cases:
    1. i. the copying or reproducing of any content for commercial purposes;
    2. ii. the copying or reproducing of materials with notifications such as "Please contact the Public Relations Department of the Bank of Japan to request permission to copy or reproduce"; and
    3. iii. the copying or reproducing of graphics, illustrations, or any other images.
    The copying or reproducing of third-party copyrighted content posted on the Bank's social networking sites without prior permission from the copyright holder is strictly prohibited, with the exception of content that has been granted usage rights.
  6. The Bank reserves the right to control comments left on its social networking sites. It may moderate, delete, or reject comments deemed off topic or ones that fall under any of the following, without notifying the users:
    • comments that may violate laws, ordinances, or other regulations;
    • comments that violate public order and morals;
    • comments that promote illegal and/or criminal activities;
    • comments that slander, defame, or damage the reputation or trustworthiness of a particular individual, company, or other entities;
    • breaches of privacy, including the disclosure and leakage of personally identifiable information without the individual's consent;
    • comments that breach copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, and other rights owned by the Bank or a third party;
    • posts that are intended to generate profit via commercial promotions or business activities;
    • political or religious activities;
    • posts containing false information that is capable of generating and spreading rumors;
    • comments that can incite and promote hate, bias, or discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, ideology, or other personal beliefs;
    • identical or similar posts left repeatedly by the same user;
    • comments that impersonate other users or third parties;
    • any type of malware or links that contain or point to it;
    • posts that are considered obscene or contain adult content;
    • comments that alter, in part or in full, information that the Bank posts;
    • comments that are unrelated to the Bank's posts;
    • comments that violate the terms of service of the hosting social networking sites;
    • comments that are considered offensive or inappropriate by a third party, which they requested the Bank to remove; and
    • other comments containing information or links that are considered inappropriate by the Bank.
  7. You may experience difficulties viewing some of the links provided, depending on the browser type, etc.
  8. Please note that this policy is subject to change without prior notice.