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Bank of Japan: Its Functions and Organization


Photo of the brochure "Bank of Japan: Its Functions and Organization"

This full-color brochure aims to provide the general public with a concise and easy-to-follow overview of the Bank of Japan's functions and operations, as well as its history and organizational structure. In various chapters, columns on selected topics supply in-depth explanations.
Available in PDF format.


  • Japan's sole issuer of banknotes
    • Issuance, circulation, and maintenance of banknotes
  • For the stability of people's daily lives and sustainable growth of the economy
    • Price stability and monetary policy
    • How monetary policy is decided
  • To ensure that payment and settlement as well as lending/borrowing of funds take place smoothly in the economy
    • Payment, settlement, and financial system stability
  • The Bank's operations for the Japanese government and international operations on behalf of the government
    • The Bank's services related to the Japanese government
  • History and organization of the Bank / Information


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