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QuestionWhat are the Bank's initiatives on FinTech?


In 2016, the Bank established the FinTech Center within its Payment and Settlement Systems Department. The Bank, as the central bank of Japan, makes its utmost efforts to support the healthy development of FinTech so that this technology will contribute to enhancing financial services and achieving sustainable growth of Japan's economy.

At the FinTech Center, the Bank takes the following initiatives to maintain financial system stability and people's confidence in financial services, and ensure that new information technologies contribute to enhancing the welfare of financial service users as well as the efficiency of such services.

  1. Accurately grasping changes in financial services and financial structure amid ongoing technological innovation.
  2. Conducting research on new technologies from the standpoint of the provider of the basic infrastructures of the economy.
  3. Functioning as a catalyst to stimulate positive changes in the economy by actively participating in discussions in Japan and abroad.

For details regarding the activities of the FinTech Center, see FinTech Center.

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