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QuestionWhere should I bring damaged cash, such as a burnt banknote or a melted coin? What are the criteria for exchange of damaged banknotes?


Damaged Bank of Japan notes (banknotes) and Japanese yen coins can be exchanged at the counter of the Bank's Head Office in Tokyo and branches across Japan, subject to the criteria set out in law.

Please make an appointment online or by contacting the Bank in advance if you wish to bring in damaged cash. The Bank does not exchange cash sent by post mail or courier; please visit the Head Office or branch in person.

For further details, see Guideline for Exchange of Damaged Cash by the Bank of Japan.

Criteria for Exchange of Damaged Banknotes

The Bank exchanges damaged banknotes, including those torn or burnt, according to the proportion of the part of the original banknote remaining, provided that both front and reverse sides of the banknote are maintained. The criteria for exchanging banknotes are as follows:

  1. (1) A banknote with two-thirds or more of the original remaining:
    Exchanged at full face value.
  2. (2) A banknote with two-fifths or more, but less than two-thirds, of the original remaining:
    Exchanged at half face value.
  3. (3) A banknote with less than two-fifths of the original remaining:
    Not exchangeable: deemed to have no value as a banknote.

Examples of Damaged Cash and How to Prepare It before Bringing It to the Bank

(1) A torn banknote

If you have a torn or shredded banknote, please join the pieces together as much as possible. Please check the features of each piece carefully, such as the serial number, printed patterns, and color, to avoid sticking pieces of different banknotes together. The Bank may judge banknotes torn into shreds as having no value if they cannot be identified as pieces of the same banknote.

(2) A burnt banknote

The authenticity of a burnt banknote can be verified to some extent, by examining the quality of the paper and ink. However, it will be difficult for the Bank to verify the authenticity if its ashes fall apart. Should you have a burnt banknote, please gather together any small fragments, including its ashes, and put them in an appropriate, secure container to protect them from further damage.

(3) A melted coin

A melted coin is also exchangeable for a new one if it meets certain criteria; for example, when its inscription is recognizable.

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