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QuestionWhat is the Tankan?


Tankan is the Japanese abbreviation for Tanki Keizai Kansoku Chousa, the Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan. It is a statistical survey carried out by the Bank in accordance with the Statistics Law, with the aim of providing an accurate picture of business trends of enterprises in Japan, thereby contributing to the appropriate implementation of monetary policy. The survey is conducted on a quarterly basis, covering approximately 10,000 enterprises.

The Tankan grasps overall corporate activity by combining a judgment survey, which covers the responding enterprises' views on the current state of and outlook for such items as their business conditions and economic developments, and a quantitative survey, which covers the actual results and forecasts for the responding enterprises' business plans, including figures for sales, profits, and fixed investment.

The survey results of the Tankan are used both in Japan and abroad, and the name "Tankan" is widely known overseas.

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