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Functions and Operations of the Bank of Japan

"Functions and Operations of the Bank of Japan" explains the Bank's functions and operations. This publication is the official translation of the revised Japanese edition of Functions and Operations of the Bank of Japan, published in March 2011. This is the second English edition. The Bank released the first English edition in January 2004.

Table : Functions and Operations of the Bank of Japan
Contents Data
Preface to the Revised Japanese Editions of Functions and Operations of the Bank of Japan [PDF 174KB]
Contents [PDF 55KB]
Chapter I: Introduction
  • A. Functions of the Bank of Japan
  • B. Outline of the Bank of Japan's Business Operations
[PDF 335KB]
Chapter II: Organization and Management of the Bank
  • A. The Organization of the Bank of Japan
  • B. The Policy Board
  • C. Communication with the Public on Monetary Policy and Other Business Management
[PDF 468KB]
Chapter III: The Issuance, Circulation, and Maintenance of Bank of Japan Notes
  • A. Cash and the Bank of Japan
  • B. Circulation of Banknotes
  • C. Maintenance of Banknotes
[PDF 645KB]
Chapter IV: Payment and Settlement and the Roles of the Bank of Japan
  • A. Roles of Payment and Settlement Systems
  • B. Major Payment Instruments
  • C. An Overview of Japan's Payment and Settlement Systems
  • D. The Bank's Business Related to Payment and Settlement
[PDF 1,220KB]
Chapter V: Market Operations
  • A. Monetary Policy and Daily Market Operations
  • B. Framework of Market Operations
  • C. Details of Market Operations
  • D. Actual Business Procedures of Market Operations
  • E. Monitoring of Money Markets
  • F. International Cooperation
[PDF 410KB]
Chapter VI: The Bank of Japan's Business for Ensuring Financial System Stability
  • A. Ensuring Financial System Stability
  • B. Gauging Risks Borne by Individual Financial Institutions
  • C. Identifying Risks in the Entire Financial System
  • D. Provision of Emergency Liquidity to Maintain the Stability of the Financial System
  • E. Global Initiatives
  • F. Practices in On-Site Examinations and Off-Site Monitoring
[PDF 523KB]
Chapter VII: Statistics, Research, and Studies
  • A. Compiling and Publishing Statistics
  • B. Research and Studies
[PDF 110KB]
Chapter VIII: International Operations and Services
  • A. The Bank of Japan's International Operations and Services
  • B. Initiatives for the Stability of the Global Economy and Financial System
  • C. Transactions with Foreign Central Banks
  • D. International Operations Conducted on Behalf of the Government
[PDF 183KB]
Chapter IX: Treasury Funds and Japanese Government Securities Services
  • A. Treasury Funds Services
  • B. The Government's Cash Management
  • C. Services Related to JGSs
[PDF 512KB]
  • Appendix 1: Bank of Japan Act
  • Appendix 2: References for the Japanese Edition
[PDF 127KB]
Index [PDF 68KB]