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2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake (First Earthquake Report)

March 11, 2011
Bank of Japan

  1. On March 11, at 2:46 p.m., an earthquake of a maximum scale of 7 occurred, whose seismic center was at the offshore of Sanriku1.There was no substantial damage to the buildings of the Head Office or the branches of the Bank of Japan, and the Bank's business operations, including operations at the windows, are carried out as usual.The BOJ-NET is functioning normally.
  2. The Bank has set up a disaster management team at its Head Office headed by the Governor, immediately after the outbreak of the earthquake, to assess the impact of the earthquake on financial markets as well as on financial institutions' business operations and to respond as necessary.
  3. The Bank will do its utmost, including the provision of liquidity, to ensure the stability in financial markets and to secure the smooth settlement of funds.
  1. East of Miyagi Prefecture