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2011 Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake (Seventh Earthquake Report)

March 14, 2011
Bank of Japan

  1. The situation as of 9:30 a.m., March 14, 2011 is as follows.
  2. The Bank is conducting its business operations as usual at its Head Office and all of its branches.
  3. The Bank will continue to grasp the situation of the financial markets and business operations of financial institutions, and to stand ready to respond and act as necessary.
  4. This morning, the Bank conducted a same-day funds-supplying operation totaling 7 trillion yen, which was the largest amount ever conducted, and a future-day-start funds-supplying operation totaling 3 trillion yen.The Bank will do its utmost to continue ensuring stability in the financial markets and securing smooth settlement of funds, including providing liquidity.