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The Bank of Japan aims to ensure that its web site (hereafter "the site") is accessible to the widest possible audience, allowing the elderly and people with disabilities to use the information and services provided on the site without difficulty. The following are examples of features that ensure accessibility:

  • So that the web pages are easy to read, the color of the text contrasts adequately with the background color.
  • The display style of the web pages (headings, font size, style, color, layout, etc.) is standardized through the use of style sheets.
  • The same display style is used in all of the web pages, so that navigation remains consistent throughout the site.
  • Contents that contain various files such as PDF files provide the data size so that downloading time can be estimated.
  • Text transcripts, including subtitles and audio descriptions, are provided for time-based multimedia documents such as videos.

The Bank will continue to make every effort to further enhance the use of the site in accordance with standards such as the Japanese Industrial Standards.

Any comments, requests, or inquiries concerning accessibility should be forwarded to the Public Relations Department of the Bank of Japan at the following address.

E-mail :