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BOJ from Home

Image: 90 centimeter-thick door of the underground vault

Welcome to "BOJ from Home." Here, you can explore the tour route of the Bank of Japan's Head Office (designated as an Important Cultural Property) through various online contents, including a 3-D/virtual reality (VR) tour of the Main Building and a video showing the must-sees on the tours.

In the VR tour of the Bank's Main Building, the interior of the building can be viewed in 3-D on any PC or mobile device.

You can also enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience using VR goggles.

Reservations for In-House Tours (Link to an external website)

Virtual Reality (3-D/VR) Tour

Go on a virtual treasure hunt in the Main Building!

Find the Hidden Treasures!

The Main Building, designated as an Important Cultural Property, is filled with precious items. See if you can find these five treasures in the 3-D/VR videos above!

  • (1) Horse-watering station

    Watering station for horses
  • (2) Underground vault

    90 centimeter-thick door of the underground vault
  • (3) The world's first automatic banknote examination machine

     The Bank developed the world's first automatic banknote examination machine
  • (4) Replica of money trains

    Replica of one of the money trains on which the Bank used to transport banknotes around the country
  • (5) Governor's desk and chair

    Original desk and chair used by the Bank's former governor
  • CAUTION: Prolonged use of VR devices can cause motion sickness.

Must-Sees on the Head Office Tours

Click to play on YouTube (link to an external website):