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E-mail Service

Thank you very much for visiting the Bank of Japan web site.
This is an E-mail service to notify you when new information is uploaded on the Bank of Japan Web site.

Usually, all new information for the day is sent together in one E-mail.

A mobile phone E-mail address can be registered. However, the Bank does not guarantee good reception, because it does not currently provide a specific format for mobile phones.

New Registration

If you wish to receive this service, please click "New Registration" above and complete your registration.

When you register for this service, it is considered that you have agreed to the terms and conditions in Important Notice below.

Change/Deletion of Registered Information

If you wish to change or delete your registered information, please go to the URL at the bottom of the notification e-mail.

Important Notice

  1. The Bank of Japan (hereafter the Bank) provides the service using services administered by an outside provider.
  2. To the extent reasonably possible, the Bank will manage data registered under the service and will make reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of such data. Other than cases in which the registered data is used by the Bank for reference purposes in preparing its Web site, the Bank will use such data only for the purposes of providing the service. The Bank will not provide any information to any third parties without appropriate consent; however, the Bank will make disclosures of such data or information if required to do so by applicable law.
  3. In the event E-mail cannot be delivered to the address registered with the Bank for an extended period of time, the Bank may delete from its database the address and other registered information. When changing your E-mail address, please be sure to change it in your registered information through the Bank's Web site.
  4. The service may be suspended or terminated by the Bank in at sole discretion (in which case, the Bank will provide advance notice on its Web site).
  5. The Bank accepts no liability with respect to any liabilities arising from use of the service by any customer, or the suspension or termination of the service.
  6. Other important matters relating to copyright and disclaimers of liability are described in the section"Notice on Copyright and Other Related Matters Regarding this Web Site"on the Bank's Web site. Please read this section carefully in order to make yourself fully aware of your rights in connection with the use of the service.


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