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First Loan Disbursement under "Temporary Lending Facility to Support Firms' Financing Activities"

December 18, 1998
Bank of Japan

On December 21, 1998, the Bank of Japan will make the first loan disbursement under "Temporary Lending Facility to Support Firms' Financing Activities".The number of financial institutions which will receive loans, and loan amounts are as follows.

  • Number of financial institutions : 32
    Total amount of loans : 773.0 billion yen
  • of which
    City banks, long-term credit banks, and trust banks : 679.7 billion yen
    Regional banks and regional banksII : 33.0 billion yen
    Others : 60.3 billion yen

Notes :

  1. Number of financial institutions which applied for this facility:137
  2. Temporary loan limit:1,911.7 billion yen for 50 institutions
  3. Increase in loans extended by all city banks, long-term credit banks, trust banks, regional banks, and regional banksII (average for November vs. end of September, adjusted for effects of the business transfer of Hokkaido Takushoku Bank):1,396.8 billion yen
  4. Schedule of future disbursements
    • Second disbursement : January 20, 1999
    • Third disbursement : February 22, 1999
    • Fourth disbursement : March 23, 1999