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Start Date of the New RTGS System

December 19, 2000
Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan has been preparing for the introduction of the new RTGS system to the BOJ-NET, the Bank's on-line system for the settlement of funds and the Japanese government securities.

Eleven running tests, in which almost all participants in the BOJ-NET have simulated their settlement operations under the new RTGS environment, have been conducted since August 2000 and their results show that both the central bank and financial institutions have well finished their systems development and are ready for operations under the new market practices.

Thus the Bank of Japan has decided that January 4, 2001 be the start date of the new RTGS system as was scheduled. Re-confirmation of the date is going to be made on January 2, 2001 after the Bank makes it sure that all relevant financial institutions have successfully prepared for the RTGS operations.

Re-confirmation is to be announced in the late afternoon on January 2, 2001 in the following ways.

  1. 1) The Bank of Japan web site
  2. 2) Telephone (recorded message): +81-3-3277-1914