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Release of the Renewed Financial System Report

July 1, 2011
Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan has decided to publish the new Financial System Report, integrating the two existing reports published biannually -- the Financial System Report and the Financial Markets Report. The new Report will be published biannually. The decision is made in view of the recent growing importance of analyzing developments in domestic and overseas financial markets in assessing the stability of the financial system.

For the new Report, the Bank has been improving its analysis on market developments as well as analysis on the robustness of the financial system in both the time-series and cross-sectional dimensions. Specifically, the Bank has been expanding its efforts to develop indicators for assessing macro financial imbalances, broaden the macro stress-testing framework to factor in the feedback mechanism between the financial and real sectors of the economy, and further extend the coverage of financial institutions subject to analysis.

The first issue of the new Report is planned to be published around October 2011.


Financial System Research Division, Financial System and Bank Examination Department

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