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Rebasing the Corporate Goods Price Index to the Base Year 2015-- Main features of the rebasing and price developments in the 2015 base index --

February 3, 2017
Research and Statistics Department
Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan has conducted the rebasing of the Corporate Goods Price Index (CGPI) in accordance with the Final Draft (available only in Japanese) published in October 2016. The Bank plans to begin monthly releases of the 2015 base CGPI from February 10, when preliminary figures for January and revised figures for December 2016 are to be published. This paper explains main features of the rebasing including its basic framework, results of revisions and trends of indexes, and comparison of old and new indexes.

The 2015 base indexes during the period from January 2015 to October 2016 and Linked indexes of All commodities and higher-order classifications are available on BOJ Time-Series Data Search from today*1.

  • *1Other linked indexes will be released on the website once the preparations are ready.


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