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IMES Discussion Paper Series 2023

IMES Discussion Paper Series (DPS) is circulated in order to stimulate discussion and comments. Views expressed in Discussion Paper Series are those of authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Bank of Japan or the Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies.

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IMES Discussion Paper Series
No./Main Category Author(s) Title/Keywords Date Full Text (PDF)
2023-E-2/Information technology Kazutoshi Kan Seeking the Ideal Privacy Protection: Strengths and Limitations of Differential Privacy
/Differential Privacy; Privacy Protection; Control over Personal Information about Oneself; Anonymization; Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
Jan. 31, 2023 [PDF 923KB]
2023-E-1/Economics Takuji Fueki, Shinnosuke Katsuki, Ichiro Muto, Yu Sugisaki Automation and Nominal Rigidities
/Automation; Monetary policy; Nominal rigidities; Phillips curve
Jan. 20, 2023 [PDF 3,071KB]