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Outline of Research and Studies

The Bank's research and studies on financial and economic issues.

List of Reports & Research Papers

The Bank's reports and research papers listed by year and date of release.

BOJ Reports & Reseach Papers

Reports & Research Papers released by the Bank.

Working Paper Series, Review Series, and Research Laboratory Series

The Bank of Japan Working Paper Series welcomes a wide range of comments from research institutes and researchers, the Bank of Japan Review Series explains recent economic and financial topics in a plain manner, and the Bank of Japan Research Laboratory Series explains the results of research activities in a concise manner.

Research Data

Data for research on economic activity and prices.

Research Papers Released by IMES

Research papers released by the Bank's IMES.

Study Group Reports

Reports released by study groups organized by the Bank.

Opinion Survey

Results of the Opinion Survey on the General Public's Views and Behavior, which the Bank conducts to gain insight into the public's impression of economic conditions and perceptions of household circumstances.


Materials and papers related to various conferences hosted by the Bank.

Discontinued Research Releases

Past releases on topics such as economic and financial conditions.