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List of Reports & Research Papers 2005

Table : List of Reports & Research Papers 2005
Date Title
Dec. 28, 2005 The Expansion of Corporate Groups in the Financial Services Industry: Trends in Financial Conglomeration in Major Industrial Countries
Dec. 28, 2005 Public Relations Activities of the Bank of Japan and Its Approaches to Financial Literacy Education
Dec.  7, 2005 Trade Patterns in Japan's Machinery Sector
Dec.  1, 2005 Role of Debt Maturity Structure on Firm Fixed Assets during Sudden Stop Episodes: Evidence from Thailand
Dec.  1, 2005 The Hump-shaped Behavior of Inflation and a Dynamic Externality
Nov. 10, 2005 The Improvement in Corporate earnings and Its Implications for the Japanese Economy
Nov.  1, 2005 Explaining the Real Exchange Rate during Sudden Stops and Tranquil Periods
Nov.  1, 2005 Approximation of Interest Rate Derivatives' Prices by Gram-Charlier Expansion and Bond Moments
Oct. 20, 2005 Regional Economic Report October 2005
Oct.  4, 2005 How Do Monetary Policy Rules Affect Term Premia?
Oct.  1, 2005 Inventories, Predetermined Prices, and the Effects of Monetary Policy
Sep. 30, 2005 Impaired Bank Health and Default Risk
Sep.  1, 2005 Changes in the Demand for Skilled Labor within Japan's Manufacturing Sector: Effects of Skill-Biased Technological Change and Globalization
Sep.  1, 2005 Prudential Policy
Sep.  1, 2005 Marking to Market, Liquidity, and Financial Stability
Sep.  1, 2005 International Financial Integration, Sovereignty, and Constraints on Macroeconomic Policies
Sep.  1, 2005 Searching for Non-Monotonic Effects of Fiscal Policy:New Evidence
Aug. 19, 2005 Money Market Operations in Fiscal 2004
Aug. 10, 2005 Measures Taken by the Bank of Japan for Financial System Stability
Aug. 10, 2005 An Assessment of Financial System Stability --Focusing on the Banking Sector--
Aug.  5, 2005 Financial Markets Report-- Developments during the First Half of 2005 --
Aug.  1, 2005 Can a Rapidly-Growing Export-Oriented Economy Smoothly Exit an Exchange Rate Peg? Lessons for China from Japan's High-Growth Era
Jul. 28, 2005 The Decline of Japan's Saving Rate and Demographic Effects
Jul. 26, 2005 FATS Statistics: Producing Statistics for Broadly-Defined Trade in Services
Jul. 11, 2005 Inflation Dynamics in China
Jul.  8, 2005 Japan's Financial Structure since the 80's -in View of the Flow of Funds Accounts
Jul.  6, 2005 Regional Economic Report July 2005
Jul.  1, 2005 The Monetary Policy Committee and the Incentive Problem:A Selective Survey
Jul.  1, 2005 Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Performance in the EU and Japan
Jul.  1, 2005 Revisiting the Decline in the Exchange Rate Pass-Through:Further Evidence from Japan's Import Prices
Jul.  1, 2005 What is the Proper Perspective for Monetary Policy Optimality?
Jul.  1, 2005 America's Deficit, the World's Problem
Jun. 24, 2005 China's Rise and Structural Adjustment in NIEs and ASEAN -Competitors or Complements-
Jun. 13, 2005 A Historical Evaluation of Financial Accelerator Effects in Japan's Economy
Jun.  3, 2005 Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Market Interest Rates
May   1, 2005 Wage Fluctuations in Japan after the Bursting of the Bubble Economy: Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity, Payroll, and the Unemployment Rate
May   1, 2005 Asymmetric Shocks and Regional Risk Sharing: Evidence from Japan
May   1, 2005 The Japanese Economic Model (JEM)
Apr. 27, 2005 The State of the Japanese Economy: From the Perspective of Employment and Income
Apr. 21, 2005 The Effects of the Bank of Japan's Zero Interest Rate Commitment and Quantitative Monetary Easing on the Yield Curve: A Macro-Finance Approach
Apr. 21, 2005 Regional Economic Report April 2005
Apr. 13, 2005 Bank Health and Investment: An Analysis of Unlisted Companies in Japan
Apr.  8, 2005 Japan's Open Market Operations under the Quantitative Easing Policy
Mar. 29, 2005 Policy Coordination in East Asia and across the Pacific
Mar.  1, 2005 Wage Fluctuations in Japan after the Bursting of the Bubble Economy: Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity, Payroll, and the Unemployment Rate
Mar.  1, 2005 Econometric Analysis of Intra-daily Trading Activity on Tokyo Stock Exchange
Feb. 28, 2005 The Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment into Japan -The Measures' Impact on FDI Series
Feb.  8, 2005 On the Function of the Zero Interest Rate Commitment: Monetary Policy Rules in the Presence of the Zero Lower Bound on Interest Rates
Feb.  1, 2005 Monetary and Fiscal Policy to Escape from a Deflationary Trap
Feb.  1, 2005 Japan's Deflation, Problems in the Financial System, and Monetary Policy
Feb.  1, 2005 What Do the Purified Solow Residuals Tell Us about Japan's Lost Decade?
Feb.  1, 2005 The "Middle-Risk Gap" and Financial System Reform: Small-Firm Financing in Japan
Jan.  1, 2005 Asymmetric Shocks and Regional Risk Sharing: Evidence from Japan