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Welcome to the Bank of Japan Research Laboratory Series

December 1, 2014
Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan has launched a new research journal, the Research Laboratory Series. The journal aims to explain analyses by Bank staff on a variety of issues to a broad audience in plain language.

The Bank has long disseminated the results of its research through its publications, including economic reports such as Monthly Report of Recent Economic and Financial Developments; research papers such as the Bank of Japan Working Paper Series and Review Series; and Monetary and Economic Studies and IMES Discussion Paper Series.

The Research Laboratory Series encompasses studies prepared by experts in various fields concerning the Bank's economic assessment and policy implementation. The journal aims to convey the essence and implications of those studies in a plain and concise fashion to a broad audience who are interested in economic and financial issues.

Given the progress of information and communications technology, the Research Laboratory Series is designed to be easily accessible: users can read it anytime and anywhere using smartphones and tablet computers. The Bank welcomes comments and suggestions to improve the accessibility of the journal going forward.

We hope that the Bank of Japan Research Laboratory Series will attract the interest of many people in the Bank's research activities and contribute to deepening the discussions on economic and financial issues.