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Fast Facts on Japan's R&D Investment in the Tankan: Uncovering Data Trends and Patterns

January 25, 2023
MASUJIMA Ayako and WASHIMI Kazuaki
Research and Statistics Department

The Bank of Japan has recorded R&D investment in its Tankan since the March 2017 survey. As the R&D data have been collected for several years now, this report aims to provide a snapshot of data trends and patterns for users. Compared to other well-known R&D statistics, the Tankan asks annual projections and makes it possible to conduct a comparison across items and cross tabulation with the same sample. In fact, data analysis suggests that (1) large manufacturing firms stand out in their R&D share and R&D implementation rate, and (2) revisions for annual projections of R&D investment are smaller than those of fixed investment, which cannot be necessarily quantified with the existing statistics. Going forward, more in-depth analysis would be expected to be made possible as the data set grows.


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