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Bank of Japan Accounts (October 10, 2022)

October 12, 2022
Bank of Japan

Assets (thousand yen)
Gold 441,253,409
Cash1 371,892,007
Japanese government securities 546,810,821,002
Commercial paper2 2,474,321,928
Corporate bonds3 8,320,998,689
Pecuniary trusts (stocks held as trust property)4 369,749,847
Pecuniary trusts (index-linked exchange-traded funds held as trust property)5 36,905,778,280
Pecuniary trusts (Japan real estate investment trusts held as trust property)6 657,467,698
Loans (excluding those to the Deposit Insurance Corporation) 80,141,584,000
Foreign currency assets7 8,927,444,470
Deposits with agents8 11,727,342
Others 725,752,573
Total 686,158,791,249
Liabilities and Net Assets (thousand yen)
Banknotes 120,185,477,992
Current deposits 485,458,541,669
Other deposits9 34,174,477,055
Deposits of the government 30,821,994,695
Payables under repurchase agreements 1,497,666,235
Others10 2,875,989,050
Provisions 7,700,573,165
Capital 100,000
Legal and special reserves 3,443,971,384
Total 686,158,791,249
  1. Coins reserved for circulation.
  2. Comprises the following types, in dematerialized or physical form: (1) commercial paper issued by domestic corporations; (2) commercial paper issued by foreign corporations with guarantees (dematerialized only); (3) asset-backed commercial paper; and (4) commercial paper issued by real estate investment corporations.
  3. Includes bonds issued by real estate investment corporations.
  4. Stocks purchased from financial institutions through a trust bank.
  5. Beneficiary interests in index-linked exchange-traded funds purchased through a trust bank.
  6. Investment equity issued by real estate investment corporations purchased through a trust bank.
  7. Foreign currency deposits held at foreign central banks and the Bank for International Settlements, securities issued by foreign governments, foreign currency mutual funds, and foreign currency loans, such as (1) loans by U.S. dollar funds-supplying operations against pooled collateral and (2) loans pursuant to the special rules for the U.S. dollar lending arrangement to enhance the fund-provisioning measure to support strengthening the foundations for economic growth conducted through the loan support program.
  8. Deposits held at agents that conduct operations relating to treasury funds and Japanese government securities on behalf of the Bank of Japan. These deposits are reserved for such operations.
  9. Deposits held by foreign central banks and others.
  10. Includes miscellaneous liabilities and current income (net accumulated profits). For reports at the beginning of the fiscal year, net income for the previous fiscal year is also included prior to its appropriation.

(Annex Table 1)

Breakdown of Japanese government securities (thousand yen)
Japanese government bonds 537,676,981,338
Treasury discount bills 9,133,839,663

(Annex Table 2)

Loan Support Program
The table below represents the loan amounts outstanding under the Bank's Loan Support Program.
(thousand yen)
Fund-Provisioning Measure to Support Strengthening the Foundations for Economic Growth* 7,745,600,570
Fund-Provisioning Measure to Stimulate Bank Lending 58,935,000,000
Total 66,680,600,570
  • The figure for the loans other than those pursuant to the special rules for the U.S. dollar lending arrangement is included in "Loans" as Assets, and that for the loans pursuant to the special rules for the U.S. dollar lending arrangement is included in "Foreign currency assets" as Assets.

(Annex Table 3)

Annex Table 3 (thousand yen)
Loans by Funds-Supplying Operations against Pooled Collateral (including funds provided under the fixed-rate method), Funds-Supplying Operation to Support Financial Institutions in Disaster Areas, Special Funds-Supplying Operations to Facilitate Financing in Response to the Novel Coronavirus and Funds-Supplying Operations to Support Financing for Climate Change Responses 15,848,100,000