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Guide to Japan's Money Stock Statistics


June 2023
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department


The Research and Statistics Department of the Bank of Japan has been disseminating the Money Stock Statistics (MSS) since 1955 to provide one of the indicators to judge the condition of the economy and the price movements. The range of indices and that of money holders were revised in June 2008 and the current data series have since been released.

The Guide to Japan's Money Stock Statistics explains the definitions, compilation methods, and additional notes of the MSS to provide increased accessibility and transparency for users. In chapter one, an overview of the MSS is described. Chapter two explains the compilation methods in detail. In chapters three and four, notes on the use of the MSS and the relations between MSS and the other financial statistics are explained. For reference, the explanation of the "Monetary Survey" is attached at the end of this guide.

The scope of money varies over time and country. In this sense, the statistics are not characterized by a set of definite standards. We have made, and will continue to make, efforts to improve the quality of statistics to better reflect the constant changes of our economic and financial environments.


Economic Statistics Division, Research and Statistics Department

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