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The Methodology of the Sampling and Aggregation of the All Enterprises Tankan*


September 3, 1999
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

  • This paper was originally published in Japanese in the Bank of Japan Monthly Bulletin, June 1999 issue.


In the Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan (Tankan) of March 1999, the Bank of Japan changed the sample for the All Enterprises Tankan, which consists of approximately 10,000 enterprises nationwide, for the first time in five years, and also changed the aggregation methodology. Additionally, the Tankan release format was changed from the prior focus on the results of the Principal Enterprises Tankan to one centered around the results of the All Enterprises Tankan so that users can make consistent comparisons by scale and grasp economic conditions as accurately as possible. 1

The Bank of Japan views statistics as public goods, and endeavors to disclose information related to the statistics it prepares itself as widely as possible. Accordingly, this paper presents a somewhat detailed explanation regarding the All Enterprises Tankan, which is the center of the revision, covering the sample design and aggregation methodology, as well as information regarding the sample maintenance and management practices.

  1. For an outline of the content of the revisions, please refer to "Revision of 'the Short-term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan (Tankan)," which was released by the Research and Statistics Department on December 24, 1998 and appears in the January 1999 edition of the Bank of Japan Monthly Bulletin.