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Revision of "TANKAN-Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan"

January 23, 1997
Bank of Japan
Research and Statistics Department

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In view of the environmental changes of corporate management accompanying the recent marketization and internationalization of the Japanese economy, the Bank of Japan has decided to revise its quarterly survey "TANKAN-Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan" (both principal and all enterprises) as follows. The revision has been made to meet the following three objectives: (1) to substantially lessen the burden mainly on principal enterprises by reducing approximately half of the survey items; (2) to enhance the convenience of users of the statistics; and (3) to secure the accuracy of the statistics.

I.Outline of the Revision

1. Survey items

a. Survey items for principal enterprises will be simplified: the number of survey items will be reduced by half by reducing several items in the "Quarterly Data" and by deleting the "fixed investments by purpose."

b. Survey items for all enterprises will be adjusted to be the same as those in the simplified survey for principal enterprises: several items surveyed in the "Quarterly Data " will be deleted and "overseas operation plan " will be added.

2. Survey period

Although the frequency of the survey will remain unchanged, collection and release of the survey will be delayed by one month.

table : Revision of "TANKAN-Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan"
Collection early Feb. early May. early Aug. early Nov.
Release end-Feb. end-May end-Aug. end-Nov.
Collection around Mar.20 around June 20 around Sep.20 early Dec.
Release early Apr. early July early Oct. mid-Dec.

II.Start of the Revised Survey

The revised survey will be conducted starting from the March 1997 survey. The release date and time of this survey will be announced four weeks in advance as before.

III.A Preparatory Survey to be Conducted before the Revised Survey

A preparatory survey for both principal and all enterprises will be conducted for data of newly added survey items.