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Notice on monetary statistics

November 10, 2000
Bank of Japan

Please be advised that as for monetary statistics available in this site, the breakdown by type of "domestically licensed banks" is changed from the October 2000 data as follows:

Current breakdown: "City banks," "Regional banks," " Regional banks 2," "Trust banks," and "Long-term credit banks."

Breakdown after revision: "City banks," "Regional banks," "Regional banks 2," ("Trust banks" and "Long-term credit banks" will continue to be included in "domestically licensed banks" but will not be released as figures by type.)

This revision is due to the following three factors: (1) the distinction drawn between the type of financial institutions is disappearing; (2) there are a number of financial institutions that are planning a merger, integration with other types of financial institutions or transformation of business; (3) the emergence of domestically licensed banks which cannot be classified according to the current breakdown by type. However, "city banks," "regional banks," and "regional banks 2" will remain as the needs of users are relatively high.